The main concept of this work is to challenge the form of art, as it is usually seen at galleries or museums. It is one-way communication. Compared to other areas like the internet it is indeed old-fashioned. two-way communication is now the norm. I wanted to create a dialogue between me and the audience.

This work consists of a series of unrelated pictures taken in different locations. The work becomes as a whole when pasted on some bigger papers as a background and some pencils hanging from the ceiling so that people can write on that paper in between the photos are placed. I didn’t give any title to any of the pictures nor to the entire work itself when I presented this at an exhibition. This is because I didn’t want to affect the way people saw the photos or the work as a whole. I wanted people to have some seconds to ponder a thought on it while they were passing through In this way I wanted to develop an interaction between this work and the people who happen to come across it. By providing such an opportunity to write or draw something on the background paper using hanging pencils, I wanted to make the work developed by the creativities and ideas from the audience. This interaction in turn became a collaboration of me and the audience.

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