Quietly free

Quietly free is music to my friend’s short abstract film. This was my first time to write a music for a film. The process of creating the concept and the sound was challenging but fun. I was in Sweden and she was in Japan during the entire production. We mostly held communication via email. At first what she had thought was totally different from what I thought. I made a preliminary soundtrack and sent her but she didn’t like it. So I had to start from total scratch. And this second version is what you are listening to here. The challenging part was that I had to make music without seeing the film. I got some sketches and screenshots from the filmmaker. So I really had to use my imagination to complete the process. To be the first film music producing, it was probably not the easiest but now that I think back, it gave me a good experience and a confidence.
So far I only have music but I’m trying to get the film together with the music.

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